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A properly designed landscape will increase the value of your home by up to 15%


Everything begins with a thought, and thoughts turn into plans, and plans into reality


The best way to manifest a thought into reality is to put it on paper. You would not build a house without a design that includes a blue print, a site survey, a complete list of materials, a detailed budget, and a project plan. A successful landscape project uses the exact same process. 

3 ways to manifest your ideas into a design.

  1. DIY. This is a great option.

    • Pros: Very inexpensive and fun.
    • Cons: You will have to spend a hundreds or thousands of hours to become an expert on site assessment, surveying, site preparation, irrigation, soil, building materials, and above all, plant knowledge.
  2. Landscape installation contractors
    • Pros: 1. Depending on who you call, you may be able to get a free sketch from a landscape sales person or pay to work with a staff designer. 2. Most people will call multiple contractors to get different ideas.
    • Cons: 1. Sales people have limited knowledge and are more focused on the sale than on the best design for you. 2. Working with staff designers can be expensive, time consuming, and their primary job is to sell you on the installation. 3. It is very confusing when you have multiple designs and estimates from different contractors. 4. It is impossible to get an apples to apples comparison to know if you are getting the best value.
  3. Call us at Landscape 4D
    • Pros: You will get a dedicated designer that is focused on assessing and understating your goals, vision, and budget.
    • Your designer will collaborate with you to co-create a design based on what you want, not what is the most profitable for the installer.
    • Your designer will ensure the long-term success of your project by helping you choose sustainable plants that will thrive.
    • You will get a complete itemized list of plants and materials so that you can easily get multiple estimates from multiple contractors. This will help to offset the cost incurred by your design.
    • Save money and reduce mistakes. We will perform an extensive site analysis to identify drainage, erosion, soil, and exposure issues.
    • Your designer can act as your contractor liaison or manage the project: You have the option to retain us to work with your landscape contractor or you can choose to work with our recommend contractors that have a track record for doing on time quality installations.
    • It is inexpensive. A typical front or back yard design cost $300 each or $500 for both

Get a custom design and a plant list, with 1 visit and 4 simple steps. Call 214-957-2420 or email to book your appointment.


STEP # 1

Complete a short questionnaire and schedule a visit. Expect 2-3 hours for most visits.

Step # 2

Walk your property with us and share the vision and goals for your dream landscape. 

Step # 3

Browse our catalogue and select your favorite trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, vines, and annuals while our designer performs a site survey.

Step # 4

We instantly co-create your custom design on the spot, including a plant list that can be used to compare estimates from multiple landscape contractors.